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Easy to set up
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Go to the Google Play Store
find the application: "Downloader"
After having downloaded the app and enabled the access, we will go to "Configuration (Settings)"
Once you are on the "Settings" screen, go to "System" and then "About" menu.
Scroll down to the "Android TV OS Build" item and select it repeatedly over and over again. Nothing will happen at first, until I tell you "You are now a developer!"
at the bottom of the screen.
Now you can enable Downloader to install StarlinkPlus. To do so, go to Settings> Applications> Security and restrictions> Unknown sources. From there, select Downloader to change the setting to "Allowed".
Now you can start Downloader. To do this, look for the icon at the bottom of the "Your Apps" list on the "For You" screen or on the "Apps" screen.
Once Downloader opens, select "Allow" to grant Downloader permission to save and access files. You must do this or you won't be able to download anything. If you accidentally deny the permission, you can grant it from the Settings menu> Applications> Permissions> Storage.
Enter the following URL from and click download: ""
Once the plugin is downloaded, select "Install" to install it. After it is installed, select "Done" and then you must select "Remove" to remove the add-on apk as you will no longer need it.
. . . Downloading . . .
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Go to the URL tab and place the following code depending on the version to download:

TiviMate Lite: 508879 (Free Access)
TiviMate Premium: 308820 (Requires Additional Charge, certain conditions apply)

and click Go
Then click on the blue "Download" icon
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. . . Downloading . . .
When done, return to the home screen menu and select the "TiviMate" app
Untitled design.png
Then fill in the information exactly as we provided it to you, remember this is case sensitive
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TiviMate Lite
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Tivimate Premium

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