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Can I get Local Channels?

Yes, indeed you can, you will find the complete list of channels by visiting our "channel page" section or download our " PDF Channel List."

What is the minimum recommended internet speed?

We recommend a minimum internet speed of 10 Mbps to run our service efficiently. If you are not sure about your Internet speed, you can test yourself using " Speed Test."

I have a Smartv, is it possible to enjoy the Service?

To tell the truth If it is possible to enjoy the service through your Smartv, however, it is necessary to highlight certain points and information that you must provide to your subscriber as a Model and Brand of your TV, each TV will respond in a different way and this is because normally they televisions handle different softwares and in a certain way their WiFi readers and RAM memory capacity do not tend to respond in the best way since they are not really designed to see beyond Netflix and YouTube, so it is always much more advisable to acquire a TVBOX. for more information on this topic visit: "Why buy a TVBOX and not a Smartv"

I have a PC or Laptop, can I have the Service?

Indeed, you can enjoy the Service through your Personal Computer or Laptop, simply go to the address:  Download the Program and install it on your Personal Computer after having finished it will proceed to install Our official Application located in the Support section, at the end of the download, it will proceed to execute the file which will open our official application where you will place your service credentials to enter, remember to give the permissions to the application once all the content is loaded, if you want to play from your computer to your television remember to use an HDMI cable or activate the Cast function as the case may be.

How do I start my service?

Getting started is easy and fast. First visit our store, select the length of service you want and the type of device. Just go to the tab Plans & Prices proceed with your payment. Once confirmed, your code will be emailed to you. If for any reason you do not receive your code in an estimated time of 12 hours or less, write to our WhatsApp.

Why does my TV device have "Buffer"?

Regardless of the TiviMate support device, all boxes should be cleaned periodically. The more you stream, the more often you need to update your list can make a difference, it is also highly recommended to restart the computer from time to time to avoid cache and close applications that are previously open

My Internet is fast but my device seems slow: What should I do?

It is possible to have a fast internet connection but a bad wifi connection. therefore many clients have difficulty transmitting when connected by Wi-Fi depending on their router and ISP. If you have this problem we recommend that you connect your device directly using an ethernet cable preferably Cat7 o Cat8, for more information on this topic we recommend that you visit our section: "Ethernet vs WiFi"

There are several Ethernet Cables which I buy?

Although choosing an Ethernet cable may seem like a small thing, the truth is that it is more important than it seems. Without a good Ethernet Cable, StarlinkPlus may not turn out to be the best experience, for which we encourage you to learn more about these types of Ethernet Cables on the market and which to buy by clicking on: "Which Ethernet Cable to Buy"

What to do if I move or go on a trip?

Tivimate devices work anywhere in the world. As long as you maintain an internet connection in your new destination, you can enjoy our streaming service anywhere, even on the go.

(Lost / Damaged) my Remote Control what can I do?

It is possible to use your Smartphone to control your device, make sure to download the Official Remote App from your computer, If you do not feel safe contact your provider for advice, You can also use your regular Television control to control your equipment through the HDMI CEC function which you must activate on both devices both on the TVBOX and on the Television, if you have doubts about how to do it visit our article called: "How to control MiBox & MiTV Stick with my TV Control".

Do you have an app that you recommend?

Better than that, when you get your services with us, you will immediately have our official application which is updated and changed periodically and is our cornerstone for a better viewing experience. If you have any questions about how to install it, first visit our "Support" section . to make sure you have the latest version. already downloaded to your device.

How do I block Adult content?

You should go to Settings within our app> Parental Control> Password: 0000 and then Activate / Deactivate the respective folders. You will also have the option to change the keys by repeating the same procedure.

Service Renewal

Automatic Service Renewal will allow you to maintain constant service, thus saving time and unexpected outages.
Always remember to maintain constant and active communication with your streaming provider to avoid future billing problems.

Refund and Cancellation Policies

No, we don't issue refunds. We are clear about this in the conditions of sale section.

As indicated in clause 5.9, "If the Client has purchased a subscription package and wishes to cancel their services, they must do so through the following Whatsapp providing the Email associated with the subscription. account, this will allow the Client to choose to cancel access by not renewing at the end of their subscription term."

You can read more about this in the final section of:

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